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WebPublishing: In-house freight exchange, order awarding tool and communication portal in one

3 in 1: WebPublishing is an extremely powerful addition to the transport management system LP/2.  You easily create a freight exchange for your company, conveniently award individual transport orders to service providers with little administrative effort and have an efficient portal for communication with your service providers.


WebPublishing accomplishes three integral tasks in one modern tool

One - transport orders can be awarded to service providers via WebPublishing. LP/2 publishes upcoming transports directly into WebPublishing. Service providers see the posted transports and accept/confirm the order – without numerous telephone calls, regardless of time and place.

Two - alternatively, orders can be published as fully automatic auctions for a defined group of forwarders and carriers. Important: With WebPublishing, you are running your own, in-house freight exchange. In contrast to public freight exchanges/auction platforms on the Internet, no additional costs are charged per transport. Only a one-time software license is required.

The advantage: The authorized transport service providers see the advertised freight demands published to the portal by the requesting company and can place bids on the transport orders that they want to take on. This works to the service provider’s advantage, for example, so that empty drives can be reduced.

Three - WebPublishing serves as a communication portal and optimizes organization in logistics. Telephone calls are reduced, service providers can print freight documents directly from WebPublishing and automated responses keep users up-to-date on transport and order statuses. With the SmartPOD app, even subcontractors can be integrated without any issues. They can communicate back to LP/2 by scanning QR codes, using Sign-on-Glass, or uploading photographic evidence.

Your company simplifies processes, uses auctions to gain price advantages and ensures quality by limiting the auctions to trusted service providers. Service providers profit from the transparency and process advantages as well and can often offer better terms over time.

How your company profits from web auctions

With WebPublishing, you establish online auctions within a circle of selected service providers, directly from the transport management system LP/2.

High return on investment with WebPublishing
  • Selective order awarding:
    • Publish individual freight orders directly from LP/2 to selected service providers
    • Request current daily rates from logistics partners
    • Optimize the awarding process: telephone calls are reduced, work steps are faster and more efficient due to quick data exchange
  • Auction:
    • Decide per auction which service providers should be invited to bid
    • Automatic checks determine whether the bids offered are higher than the tariffs negotiated in master agreements
    • Creates transparency of market-driven prices through effective comparability of actual bids
    • Maintain flexibility in the awarding process: configure whether the cheapest bid should be accepted automatically or the order should be awarded manually
  • Portal for logistics communication:
    • Optimizes the awarding process: telephone calls are reduced, work steps are faster and more efficient due to quick data exchange
    • Provide freight documents for your service providers to print directly from the web
    • Record feedback per delivery (Track & Trace)
    • Offer service providers process advantages that may, in return, be reflected in their pricing (e.g.: avoiding empty drives via systematic freight selection)
    • IT-related independence from service providers’ systems due to electronic communication
    • The SmartPOD mobile app facilitates Proof-of-Delivery just like KEP handhelds with Sign-on-Glass
    • SmartPOD uses secure communication channel for data transferring and triggering processes

Modern web technology used intelligently

WebPublishing is implemented as an add-on to LP/2. Based on modern web technology, WebPublishing builds a closed auction portal within your company’s web presence, enables selective freight awarding and serves as a communication portal with your logistics partners.

  • Masks and user interfaces are made to match your corporate web design
  • Freight documents can be printed directly from WebPublishing
  • Multilingual – language can be set per user; additional languages can be added
  • Programmed in HTML5
  • Browser-based access, independent of client operating system
  • SmartPOD launches a secure communication process, whereby a QR code is scanned to provide a Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) for secure authentication. Once the user is logged into the LP/2 web portal, a range of freely-definable actions can be linked to: Calling up a URL, telephone number or VCF file, as well as transferring geodata

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WebPublishing bietet.


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