Transport Management

Extreme Efficiency: Web-based order awarding to logistics service providers

Assigning orders for selected transports or destinations to a circle of registered service providers is part of your day-to-day tasks. Even if tariffs are standardized, queries and other grounds for communication are bound to arise for each order.

Our logistics experts have simplified things with our web-based solution WebPublishing. Each of your logistics partners is easily added with minimal IT integration effort and can view the transport orders s/he has been invited to and accept these per mouse click, based on the contractually defined tariffs. In this way, WebPublishing fulfills three important functions in one web tool:

Freight awarding: You can send transport requests to specific forwarders and award them directly. Simple and via the web – reducing organization and communication effort.

Freight exchange: With WebPublishing, you establish your company’s own freight exchange, and can invite selected service providers to bid on transport orders. This lowers logistics costs.

Central communication portal: Request transport services, award orders, store freight documents, status notifications/track & trace functions – all of this can be taken care of in WebPublishing easily, conveniently, and without the usual communication effort.

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