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Supplier Integration

OrderPortal – Integrating the supplier

Managing the inbound process chain

With OrderPortal the new component of our transport management software LP2 you can completely integrate the suppliers into the inbound process chain.

Here are the steps of the supplier integration, including packing of the goods to be delivered, label-printing and assigning forwarders.

Orders to the supplier/s are automatically placed in OrderPortal via an interface.
The supplier can see all orders destined for him presented clearly in the portal.
He has various possibilities to search for references or status values.

When an order (or part of it) is ready to be shipped, the supplier creates the corresponding package units (e.g. pallets) in OrderPortal.
Then the supplier packs the articles (order items) in the created package units by using drag & drop, taking into account the quantity available. Thus, a precise hierarchy is created showing which item and what quantity of it is packed in which package. In this process, the supplier can also specify details, such as the BBD, batch number or origin.

Label printing:
The SSCC label can be created directly in OrderPortal.
Thanks to its flexibility, the layout including the logo and further specific characteristics as the order number or item number can be adapted according to your needs.

Assigning forwarders:
Transports can be assigned to a forwarder automatically within all transport-relevant data (if they are not assigned by the supplier).
It is also possible to transfer the transports in real time to our WebPublishing portal for tendering or direct assignment.

Simplifying goods receipt:
Once the order has been completed by the supplier, automized interfaces of the OrderPortal provide all required data to the purchaser‘s goods receipt system or WMS.
After scanning the SSCC label during goods receipt in inbound delivery, all information for further treatment of the ordered goods are available.

Statistics and analyses
OrderPortal offers a wide range of statistics and analyses for internal and external purposes.
Data can be analyzed interactively and flexibly using the Cube module.
In addition, predefined Dashboards offer a quick overview.
Their aim is to represent all relevant data in a transparent and self-explanatory way.

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