Transport Management

Ramp Control – Avoid wait times and chaos during delivery

Fluctuation in capacity usage results in inefficiency, including in vehicle arrivals and departures. Our tip: smooth out the capacity usage of your ramps and gates by controlling delivery and pickup traffic.

Our smart software solution for this is GateScheduler. The principle of this solution is simple: logistics service providers can book slots for their ramps and gates using the web-based tool.

This benefits both parties: on your side, your workload is lessened and chaos and error rates on the ramps are reduced. Your service providers no longer wait in lines, but can better plan their dispatch and down times.

How ramp control works in GateScheduler:

Expected transports are set in a web portal through LP/2. After logging in with a username and password, the service provider can see his transports in the portal and book his deliveries/pickups in the empty time slots.

Range of function of ramp control:

  • Management of unlimited locations and gates
  • Length of time slots can be set per gate and time (dependent on available personnel capacity or goods type)
  • Customizable layout – GateScheduler can be set up to match your corporate design
  • Automatic updates – all changes are transparent
  • Enables evaluations and optimizations through collecting and analyzing actual arrival and departure times
  • Rebooking transports
  • External transports (not in LP/2) can be booked as well

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