Transport Management

Invoice Checking

Freight invoices are usually complex. Countless surcharges, special conditions and diverse tariffs often result in incorrect freight cost calculation on invoices issued by transport service providers. Freight cost control within the purchasing company is equally complex. Spot testing the invoices does not provide adequate security and inflates logistics costs.

Invoice matching for systematic freight control

Systematic invoice checking can be established with the transport management system LP/2 and the add-on Invoice Matching – with maximum efficiency and reliability. In invoice matching, LP/2 first calculates the cost of the shipments exactly, taking bundling and multimodal transport into consideration, and allocating the costs proportionately to each logistics partner. These cost calculations are saved and later automatically compared with the inbound invoice data or the requested credit note for the service provider. Your accounting control can then focus on dealing with any differences discovered in the matching. Deviation tolerances can be set per item with absolute and/or percent values.

Invoice matching provides:

  • Fully automatic import of invoice data via interface
  • Semi-automatic import of invoice data (e.g.: freight invoices in Excel)
  • Automatic mapping of invoice data to shipments/transports
  • Checking of transport status upon receiving the invoice
  • Checking of individual invoice items
  • Clearing or rejection of items based on various criteria
  • Claims processing with requests for corrected credit notes/invoices



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