Transport Management

Tenders, Freight Awarding and Transport Management

You contract out freight orders to transport service providers. You aim for simplified accounting via credit notes and want to efficiently automate dispatch handling. You strive for optimized transport management, want to lower costs and increase the quality of your logistics.

The Staedtler-Logistics team is your professional partner in logistics software. With our transport management system (TMS) LP/2 , we offer one of the best performing, most flexible software solutions on the market, tried and tested through millions of transports and based on modern, future-proof software technology.

From the first internal request to tenders and transport awarding to freight cost control – LP/2 is our solution for all processes in transport logistics and transport management.

Application in Transport Management:

Dispatch handling

Freight calculation

Credit note procedures

Invoice checking

Tariff information

Online order entry

>Ramp management

Order awarding on the web

Freight cost analysis


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