Transport Management

Freight Calculation

Calculate freight costs simultaneously for different partners with various charges, based on individual tariffs. Even multimodal transports with multiple service providers can be calculated easily.

With the transport management system LP/2, freight costs can easily and efficiently be reallocated within your organization – on different levels and with any parameters – all the way down to item level.

Freight calculation in LP/2 provides:

  • Automatic suggestion of the cheapest service provider according to destination zone, dispatch mode and/or other criteria
  • Manual spot prices, conversions, observance of bulkiness, scale comparisons, accumulations, minimum/maximum values, etc.
  • Calculation and invoicing of all carriers (air, sea, surface, CEP, etc.)
  • Freight cost optimization for transport invoicing
  • Fully automated credit note procedures, even with “multi-sourcing”
  • Integration of various distance modules (also for calculation of toll kilometers)
  • Extensive statistics
  • Unlimited zone networks
  • Distance module control via distance rules

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