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Professional Routing & Scheduling Software TRAMPAS

Staedtler-Logistics’ TRAMPAS sets standards in professional routing & scheduling in technology, flexibility and range of functions. The flexibly configurable standard software meets even the most extreme requirements – from optimized routing & scheduling with consideration of multiple restrictions (vehicle, routes/tours, times, client specifications, loading, container management, client-driver relationships) to automation of complex, heterogeneous logistics processes.

Over the years, our clients have used TRAMPAS to schedule tours in industry and trade that span over one billion kilometers – that’s approximately 25 000 times around the earth! These decades of practical experience are the foundation of our broad product portfolio with specialized, industry-specific add-ons.

Staedtler-Logistics’ development concept is simple: build custom requirements into the standard software to make them readily available to all clients. This strategy has made the routing & scheduling software TRAMPAS the most powerful solution with which schedulers can quickly, easily and reliably solve the most complex routing & scheduling tasks. Because even automatically created tours can be changed manually at any time, schedulers can react quickly and flexibly even if surprises occur.

  • Automatic combination of orders to tours
  • Consideration of scheduling and client restrictions (e.g.: capacities, times, delivery specifications, vehicle characteristics, combined loading or regional restrictions)
  • Toll calculation/observance of holidays (Europe-wide)
  • Comprehensive driver and vehicle management including planning table
  • Automatic capacity checks (weight, volume, number of transport units)
  • Digital world map for route display (lasso function, context-sensitive information)
  • Notification and document generating for printing, email and fax, either automatically triggered by definable events or manual
  • Manual tour changes with drag & drop techniques
  • Flexibly configurable: views, processes/automation, forms, tables, interfaces
  • Archiving/provision of scheduling data for control and statistical evaluations
  • Multi-client capability, multilingual
  • Simulations of tour optimizations
  • Script language enables automation and reduces required effort for repetitive tasks
  • Configurable interfaces (XML, CSV, database tables, web services, etc.)

And: If your unique processes require additional functions, we offer customized modifications and additions.

TRAMPAS offers the following advantages:

  • Significant increase in efficiency and transparency in routing & scheduling
  • Reduced logistics costs and improved delivery quality/customer satisfaction
  • Reduced scheduling effort – every day
  • Scheduling of combined collective and distribution transports
  • Multi-day tour scheduling
  • Multi-depot scheduling
  • Toll calculation
  • Supplement modules for industry-specific requirements
  • Scenario technology enables simulation of your optimization ideas
  • Optimizes tours for simulated target structures
  • Generates strategic master tours
  • Completes and improves on predefined master tours

Modern software technology

TRAMPAS routing & scheduling is a modern, future-proof client-server solution for Windows that can be implemented on all modern, relational databases. The software can easily be integrated in existing IT environments and flexible configuration allows for company-specific processes to be optimally supported.

  • Open database model - customizable
  • Automation through various server processes, e.g. for archiving, cyclical statistics, etc.
  • Flexible interfaces (XML, CSV, database tables, web services, etc.) for input/output, analysis, evaluation
  • Numerous modules with industry-specific additional functionalities
  • Customizable masks and list views
  • Multilingual: German, English, French and Polish; additional languages underway
  • Microsoft Excel© export of all data and statistics: flexible data compilation, configuration of Microsoft Excel© format
  • Modular system structure/numerous web modules
  • Object-oriented programming with C++, C#
  • Connection of relational database systems Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server DB2
  • Clients for current Windows versions
  • Compatible with CITRIX, Microsoft Terminal Services

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