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Trampas Web-Client

Order Entry Anytime, Anywhere: TRAMPAS WebClient

Would you like to be able to easily integrate external orders in your scheduling software and include them in routing & scheduling of your vehicles (own fleet or external vehicles) without additional processes? Then TRAMPAS Web Client is the right solution for you!

Shippers want to report goods for pickup, other departments or branches of your company require transport capacity or your clients would like to return transport and storage racks – all of these options are easily possible, with little communication effort. External orders can be entered via web browser. TRAMPAS WebClient ensures that all information required for your routing & scheduling are entered completely, from the very first request.

Simplify routing & scheduling of external orders – use TRAMPAS WebClient as a high performance supplement to the routing & scheduling system TRAMPAS.

TRAMPAS Web Client enables external orders to be included in routing & scheduling via the web. Shippers, clients, departments and external staff can simply enter a transport request over the web browser. The result is structured, complete requests, exactly as they are needed for your detailed routing & scheduling. Flexibly configurable masks in your company’s corporate design query all required information, including addresses, goods, weight, packing units, containers, times and any special requests or restrictions (delivery/opening times, required vehicle equipment, etc.).

These requests appear automatically in the DispoBox in TRAMPAS, together with the usual requests from the ERP. In this way, central vehicle fleet schedulers can conveniently and easily integrate orders from other branches or affiliated companies, as well as supply or pickup orders for transport containers, in TRAMPAS routing & scheduling.

TRAMPAS Web Client: Order entry via web browser

Increase flexibility in your routing & scheduling. TRAMPAS Web Client provides the following advantages:

  • External transport order entry: shippers, departments, other branches, transport container pickup, etc.
  • Configurable, structured request entry with all information required for scheduling (mandatory fields, completeness checks)
  • High level of transparency, significantly lower communication effort
  • Increased service quality for the inquiring party
  • Completely integrated in TRAMPAS, elimination of special processes in routing & scheduling. Requests from TRAMPAS Web Client appear in the TRAMPAS DispoBox and can be scheduled flexibly
  • Browser-based use: Connection of various branches and departments without additional TRAMPAS licenses
  • Minimal IT investment
  • Optional confirmation: order status (acceptance, scheduling, transport status) can be viewed by the inquirer
  • Displayed in your company’s corporate design

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