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Tender Management with TenderingPortal – or:
How to organize strategic tenders more efficiently

Companies with large shipping quantities run strategic tenders regularly in order to make or renew competitive master agreements with logistics service providers for contract logistics. The organizational and communicative investment for these tenders is extremely high. Bids are requested, checked and compared in multiple phases. This process binds personnel and requires high expenditure of time and money.

With TenderingPortal, Staedtler-Logistics has developed a web-based, highly efficient tendering platform as an add-on to the simulation software SCALA. TenderingPortal simplifies tender management immensely. The logisticians in your company are freed from many administrative tasks usually required for tenders for contract logistics.
TenderingPortal offers shippers web-supported management of tendering processes and enables transparent, structured communication and document exchange with bidders. Time-consuming tasks including progress supervision as well as completeness and document plausibility checks are automated, data quality is increased and further processing in other systems (e.g.: SCALA) is simplified. Effort and personnel costs for contract logistics tenders are reduced drastically.

Structured bid requests increase data quality and simplify IT-supported bid comparisons. The detailed effects of the bids uploaded to TenderingPortal by the service providers via Microsoft Excel© lists can be compared precisely in the simulation tool SCALA, based on historical logistics data. The strengths and weaknesses of each bid can be identified exactly.

How TenderingPortal optimizes the tendering process for contract logistics

  • Enables structured, documented document and information exchange – even in complicated, multi-level tendering processes
  • Enables tendering processes to be structured as desired via a flexibly configurable workflow engine (e.g.: multi-level tender, required releases, submission of signed disclaimers, deadlines, etc.). Once defined, workflows can be used for multiple tenders
  • Accelerates and simplifies web-supported tendering processes
  • Guarantees reliable monitoring of all deadlines
  • Validates Microsoft Excel© files uploaded by service providers, based on plausibility checks (missing information, field names, structure, etc.)
  • Structures and improves communication between shippers and forwarding agents in the tendering process
  • Keeps managers up-to-date on the bid status of the tender
  • Increases data quality of submitted bids, simplifies import to IT systems for bid comparison
  • Combined with the simulation tool SCALA, tariffs can be compared and various scenarios can be created for freight cost analysis and later evaluation
  • Chat: case-related, interactive communication
  • Nomination: intelligent filters, detail analysis and decision support

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