Transport Cost Optimization through Analysis and Simulation

SCALA is Staedtler-Logistics’ market-leading solution for freight cost simulation and analysis. Staff and management alike are presented with new opportunities to compare the effects of various alternatives by extrapolating historical logistics data.

Will you really profit from switching service providers or locations, changing your delivery structure or using new transportation routes? And if yes, how much? How should your company react to changes in the logistics environment?

Our simulation solution SCALA provides the following services for transport cost optimization

  • Freight cost simulation based on historical shipment data
  • Informed analysis and comparison of differently structured quotations according to various criteria, including destination area, weight classes, distance scales, etc.
  • Simulation of logistics costs with changed output variables
  • Support in strategic planning and freight cost control: relocation, reduced number of service providers, comparison of various carriers
  • Detailed numbers and comparisons provide arguments for price negotiations in your freight tenders
  • Freely definable criteria for data manipulation
  • Integration and comparison of various distance modules
  • Visualization of shipment structures in world maps and Google Earth©

SCALA simulates the effects of various scenarios and supports strategic and tactical planning processes. Evaluation and visualization of the results takes place in our statistics tool, SP/2. This high-performance statistics software for logistics is included in the SCALA package. The results of the simulations can be summarized, formatted and visualized in charts in just a few clicks – for quick, easy and reliable interpretation.


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