Simulation in Logistics Tendering:
The professional way to the right logistics partners

You’ve gathered bids from various logistics service providers, perhaps using our efficient solution TenderingPortal. Each bidder has strengths and weaknesses. Each service provider offers different tariffs with various structures, depending on factors like weight, distance, destination, location and service range.

The analysis and simulation software SCALA helps you to make the best possible decision. Using your historical freight data, the effects of the new tariffs are calculated down to the smallest detail. The comparison shows you where the strengths and weaknesses of each offer lie and – most importantly – how these will affect your transport costs and budget.

Our simulation solution SCALA provides the following services for strategic tenders:

  • Freight cost simulation based on historical shipment data
  • Informed analysis and comparison of differently structured bids according to various criteria, including destination area, weight class, distance scales, etc.
  • Simulation of logistics costs with changed output variables
  • Detailed numbers and comparisons provide arguments for price negotiations in your freight tenders
  • Freely definable criteria for data manipulation
  • Integration and comparison of various distance modules
  • Visualization of shipment structures in world maps and Google Earth©

Your negotiating position is strengthened with reliable data from SCALA and convincing visualizations from the integrated statistics tool SP/2. With simulations, you will also recognize where tariff differences have the greatest influence on your transport costs and can use “Cherry Picking” to find the least expensive bid for each case.

More on simulation and analysis with SCALA


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