“What if…” – Simulations prepare your logistics for the future

Good feelings can be good advisors, but in logistics, this is rarely the case. The reason why? Countless complex, intricately connected factors influence results. The solution? Software that understands these complex interdependencies, as well as direct and indirect effects, and enables informed, well-founded decisions.

We offer answers to the essential question: What if? You define the scenario, our software simulates the effects. The simulations are based on comprehensive logistics data from your systems: tariffs, quantities, weights, distances, destinations, distribution, etc.

Sounds complicated and like a lot of work? Staedtler-Logistics’ solutions make it easy. Our software solutions work with relational databases. For example, if you already work with our transport management system LP/2, all historical data needed for simulations in SCALA is already ready and waiting to be used. Data can easily be imported from other systems via MS Excel© or ODCB databases. That’s all that’s necessary to start simulating: you change the data (tariffs, locations, distances, etc.) and begin simulating, comparing and visualizing.

Using simulations for informed decisions in transport management

Simulations in logistics tendering: the professional way to the right logistics partners

Routing & scheduling and simulations

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