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SCALA – Transport cost optimization through analysis and simulation

SCALA is the essential tool for companies and logistics consultants making strategic decisions regarding transport tenders, logistics concepts as well as network and location alternatives. With SCALA, unlimited future logistics scenarios can be calculated, evaluated, compared and visualized based on real, historical shipment data and the extrapolation of this data. This makes SCALA the leading simulation tool for strategic tenders, tariff comparison, detailed analysis of logistics costs and comparison of complex distribution network scenarios.

How does your company achieve its goals in transport cost optimization? How should your company react to changes in the logistics environment? What effects do offers from service providers, relocation or changed delivery structures have on your logistics costs?

Logisticians using SCALA rely on the software’s modern scenario techniques and base decisions on software-supported simulation and analysis. Detailed freight cost calculations replace vague estimations, convincing visualizations ensure comprehension and acceptance.


SCALA imports detailed shipment data from ODBC databases and Microsoft Excel®, as well as directly from our transport management system LP/2. This data can be selectively manipulated in SCALA and calculated for various analyses (e.g.: introducing a new charge, changed shipment weights/quantities or shifting destination distribution). Whether tender bids from service providers or complex logistics scenarios, the included statistics tool SP/2 can be used to evaluate, compare and visualize the data.

Simulations in SCALA help you to prepare for logistics decisions more flexibly, conveniently, reliably and quickly:

  • Freight cost simulation based on historical shipment data
  • Informed analysis and comparison of differently structured bids, according to variable criteria including destination zones, weight classes, distance scales, etc.
  • Simulation of logistics costs with changed output parameters
  • Support in strategy planning and freight cost control: relocation, reducing the number of service providers, comparison of different carriers
  • Detailed numbers and comparisons provide arguments in tender negotiations
  • Freely definable criteria for data manipulation
  • Integration and comparison of different distance modules
  • Visualization of shipment structures in world maps and Google Earth©
  • Modern software technology
  • Open database model - customizable
  • Multilingual
  • Microsoft Excel© import of freight tables
  • Microsoft Excel© export of all data and statistics: flexible data compilation, configuration of Microsoft Excel© format
  • Modular client-server structure
  • Connection to relational database systems Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2
  • Clients for current Windows versions
  • CITRIX© and Terminal Server© compatible

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