Routing & Scheduling

Web Services – Lean Networking

Modern routing & scheduling is not an isolated process restricted to a few logisticians. Communication with departments and internal purchasers as well as information flows with clients must be integrated.

For these tasks, the software and logistics experts at Staedtler-Logistics use modern web services and web clients as lean, easy-to-integrate and user-friendly mini applications. Because they are multi-client capable, web services from Staedtler-Logistics guarantee that the right information always ends up with the right recipient.

The result: optimized, company-specific workflows with minimal IT integration effort. How do your logistics communication processes benefit from the web services?

  • Web clients enable departments, internal and external clients, retailers and partners to communicate with their logistics systems and schedulers. Requests can be submitted or additional information can be obtained, which can then be used directly in TRAMPAS.
  • Conversely, TRAMPAS information can be viewed and used by other systems and web portals via web services and SOAP interfaces – information regarding shipping status, geo coding, distance determination, etc. can be transferred to and put to use in other systems.
  • The number of licenses and training sessions needed is reduced, access to planning systems is limited – but all information is still readily available in workflow-oriented format.

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