Routing & Scheduling

Telematics transforms your routing & scheduling into a logistics control center

Legal requirements, customer conditions, improved competitive power – many companies today depend on seamless monitoring and extensive documentation of their transports.

Connection to a telematics system transforms routing & scheduling in TRAMPAS into a logistics control center. The main advantage of our solution: we give you total freedom in the selection of telematics hardware. We connect your preferred telematics solution to our routing & scheduling via interface – even with varying telematics systems in different vehicles, for example in your own vehicle fleet and in external vehicles under your command.

Telematics: Transparency makes your logistics more agile

Profit from the integration of telematics in your routing & scheduling: you maintain a constant overview of your vehicles. Vehicle locating via GPS and deviance recognition – the system automatically reports any deviation from the planned tour via the on-board computer. Rush orders are suddenly possible: interactive scheduling of new transport orders in the best-positioned vehicle makes your logistics even more flexible.

Integration of telematics solutions contributes to more efficient order processing. Communication between drivers and schedulers is improved; events are automatically documented and can be viewed by schedulers in real time and taken into consideration for further scheduling.

Clients can be informed of delivery delays in a timely manner. Paper document exchange and time-consuming telephone calls with drivers are eliminated. Electronic replies to shippers in the operating department and/or the receivers at the client location improve transparency of logistic services.

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