Routing & Scheduling

Routing & Scheduling and Tour Optimization

The routing & scheduling software TRAMPAS delivers optimized tour suggestions for your vehicle fleet, based on incoming orders. You determine which, and how many, restrictions should be taken into account during the optimization:
  • Load capacities
  • Personnel availability and driving times
  • Vehicle characteristics (refrigeration, hydraulic hoists, etc.)
  • Combined loading restrictions/orders
  • Regional restrictions
  • Industry specifications, such as availability of assembly teams traveling independently of the tour
  • Collection and distribution traffic, multi-day and multi-depot tours, as well as other complex tasks in modern logistics networks

External restrictions can be included in the optimization as well:

  • Delivery time slots
  • Delivery conditions
  • Delivery by a certain driver, if requested by the customer

Tours determined by TRAMPAS can be changed manually – so your logistics department can react quickly and flexibly to exceptions and sudden changes.

Master tours and tour simulation

TRAMPAS enables users to run simulation calculations to assess alternative scheduling scenarios – the perfect foundation for cost-optimized routing & scheduling.

The software even optimizes tours for simulated target structures, generates strategic master tours and completes and improves predefined master tours.


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