Routing & Scheduling

Container Management

Many industries and companies are dependent on special containers for logistics, or use them to optimize loading and unloading procedures. Most software products reach their limits in this area and prevent comprehensive scheduling overviews of goods and transport containers.

This is not the case for routing & scheduling with TRAMPAS: containers are managed as a resource and inventory in the warehouse, in vehicles and at clients’ are clearly recorded.

  • Management of various container types (racks, skips, containers, thermal boxes, pallet cages, dollies, etc.)
  • Observance of load capacities, compatibility of different containers for collective transport, container stacking (empty and full)
  • Detailed, custom recording of all containers (IDs, scan, capacity, etc.) and their container history (wear, holding time at client locations, repairs, etc.)
  • Recording and calculation of loan and storage times as well as losses/damages at client locations
  • Return transport/container receiving inspection/performance tests

These functionalities make TRAMPAS the ideal solution for companies and industries that use reusable containers and racks in their logistics and want to manage these efficiently.



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