Logistic Tendering

Strategic Logistics Tendering and Tender Management

Large companies use strategic tenders to award contracts for yearly volumes and contract business for their different locations. These tenders involve large sums of money, and awarding happens through a careful, multi-level process that takes several weeks.

Staedtler-Logistics’ software solutions support companies extensively in logistics tender management. This includes preparing tendering documents, structured bid collection, well grounded bid comparison via simulations, easy import of final tariff contracts in the transport management system LP/2 and all communication throughout the tendering process.

Our solutions are composed of the perfect combination of software components: TenderingPortal for all web-based communication with the bidders, and our simulation and analysis tool SCALA for bid comparison based on historical and/or extrapolated data. Analysis with SCALA enables you to recognize the critical parts of each tariff that must be addressed in negotiations.

You only have a few strategic tenders per year? We offer an alternative to purchasing your own software: tender management as a service by Staedtler-Logistics. Contact us for more information!

Staedtler-Logistics’ solutions provide valuable advantages for strategic logistics tendering and tender management:

  • Structured, comprehensible document and information exchange
  • Complete representation of multi-level tendering processes
  • Structured collection/automatic checks for completeness of documents
  • Validation of Excel files uploaded by the service providers using predefined plausibility checks
  • Monitoring of all dates and deadlines
  • Improved communication between buyer and bidder
  • Transparence of tender/negotiation status
  • Even the most complex tariffs can be clearly compared in the simulation tool SCALA and various scenarios can be created for freight cost analysis and later evaluation.

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