Logistic Tendering

Operative Logistics Tenders and Web-Based Freight Awarding

The goal of operative tenders is clear: you want to quickly and efficiently receive up-to-date bids for individual transport orders and you want to award each order to the best partner while investing minimal time and effort.

Our solution for operative tenders and freight awarding is WebPublishing. WebPublishing is an add-on to our transport management system LP/2. You work in LP/2, and your requests and tenders are automatically published to a handpicked selection of your logistics partners (according to carriers, destinations, locations, etc.) on the web. Partners can log in to access the WebPublishing portal and can bid on the published orders.

The web auction is the core of the solution, but not its only function. WebPublishing can also be used to assign transports to specific forwarders (awarding) and provides a central portal for communication with your logistics partners. You can request services, upload all shipping documents and keep track of status information (track & trace) for each order. Clarification questions and telephone calls are reduced to a minimum.

The advantages of operative logistics and awarding with WebPublishing:

  • WebPublishing auctions off transports to selected forwarders (freight exchange)
  • The portal creates transparency of market-driven prices by rendering bids comparable
  • Telephone calls with clients are reduced, work processes become simpler and more efficient due to fast data exchange
  • Track & Trace: Delivery confirmations can be recorded per delivery
  • Freight documents can be printed locally via the web

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