Logistic Tendering

Strategic Logistics Tendering and Tender Management

Selecting the right logistics service providers is one of the central tasks for logisticians. This applies equally for operative tenders of individual transports and for strategic logistics tenders, in which master agreements and tariffs are negotiated with logistics partners.

Our logistics and software experts have developed modern, web-based solutions that drastically reduce administrative and communicative investment – and therefore, the cost – of all forms of tenders for logistics services. Logistics managers are relieved of administrative work and can concentrate on strategic decision-making, instead of being distracted by processing tasks.

At the same time, our solutions help you to find the right logistics partners. How? By providing transparency and comparability in strategic logistics tenders. Based on your company’s historical and/or extrapolated freight volume data, we simulate the effects of new bids, identify weak points and cost driving items in the bidders’ tariffs and strengthen your negotiating position with reliable, detailed bid comparisons. You can easily identify which bidder provides the best terms for specific distances, destinations, carriers, weight classes or extra services (“Cherry Picking”).

Operative tenders and web-based freight awarding (auction)

Strategic tenders for logistics services (tender management)

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