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LP/2 – The solution for dispatch handling, transport management and freight invoicing

In 1997, Staedtler-Logistics first introduced a comprehensive software solution for shipping and freight management, which included freight calculation and invoicing/credit note procedures. Today, LP/2 is the leading software for manufacturing companies, sets industry-wide standards in range of services, configurability and software technology. LP/2 has made Staedtler-Logistics the first choice in transport management software (TMS).


Dispatch modes, transport volume, national and international locations and destinations, carriers, logistics partners, freight cost calculation, supervision – your company’s logistics are as unique as a fingerprint. With its configurable, high-performance modules, LP/2 can be adjusted to fit your logistics processes and special features perfectly. Your company profits doubly: the transport management software LP/2 supports your unique logistics processes and your company profits from the stability, short project run times and future-proof design of a market-leading standard software solution.

With LP/2, companies increase their efficiency in operative shipping logistics and automate processes like credit note procedures, freight cost calculation and checking. Departments, remote locations and partners are integrated in processes and communication via modern, lean web clients, and tactical and strategic transport tenders are managed efficiently and comprehensively.

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Strong functions: what makes our transport management software LP/2 so successful

LP/2 brings a fresh surge of efficiency to your dispatch handling and transport logistics. Whether with credit note procedures, automatic freight document creation or simplified, web-based communication with departments and service providers – our transport management system LP/2 helps you to lower your management effort in logistics.

LP/2 presents fast return on investment through various features:

  • Orders can be summarized to shipments automatically, which in turn are automatically combined to form transports – according to freely configurable criteria
  • Automatic, process-related printing of all shipping documents including freight documents, emails, text message notifications, etc.
  • Consolidation to collective shipments according to definable criteria
  • Data consistency through all processing phases for maximum transparency with minimum processing effort
  • Efficient loading device management provides transparency in coordination with all partners
  • ATLAS module
  • Packing module: high level of automation due to barcode scanners and scale connection
  • High-performance web modules and tracking for many CEP forwarders

Freight cost calculation, automated freight cost control – LP/2 ensures transparency in logistics costs. The solution masterfully handles tariffs with various structures from different service providers and carriers, variable cost factors, surcharges and special conditions. This makes this transport management software the ideal foundation for professional invoice checking, and creates transparency and efficiency in credit note procedures for all carriers, service providers and cost centers.

  • Parallel freight calculation for various invoicing partners with freely definable conditions
  • Rule-based tariff structure
  • Straightforward input and modification of even the most complex tariffs
  • Invoicing for all carriers (surface, sea, air, CEP, etc.)
  • Freight cost optimization for transport invoicing
  • Manual spot prices, conversions, observance of bulkiness, scale comparisons, accumulation, minimum/maximum values, etc.
  • Invoicing of multi-modal transports with several service providers
  • Freight cost reallocation on various levels and with various parameters, down to item level
  • Automatic suggestion of the cheapest service provider according to destination zone, dispatch mode and other criteria
  • Fully-automated credit note procedures, even for ‘multi-sourcing’
  • Integration of various distance modules (also for calculation of toll kilometers)
  • Extensive statistics
  • Unlimited zone networks
  • Distance module control via distance rules
  • Fully-automatic import of invoice data via .net interface
  • Semi-automatic import of invoice data (e.g.: freight invoices in Excel)
  • Automatic mapping with shipments/transports
  • Checking of individual invoice items
  • Release or rejection of items based on various criteria, such as transport, country, service provider, tariff, currency
  • Claims processing with requests for credit notes/invoices

Extend the potential of the transport management system LP/2 with add-on modules and options: with web-based LPOnline, WebPublishing and TenderingPortal for tactical and strategic tenders, and SP/2, our statistic and control tool for evaluations, KPIs and key figures.

Modern Software Technology

The transport management software LP/2 is a client-server solution for Windows that can be implemented on all modern, relational databases. LP/2 is easily integrated into existing IT environments, uses current options for electronic and/or web-based communication with various departments, locations, logistics partners, clients or customs. Its configurability and mature technology make LP/2 a future-proof solution that can be adjusted to fit any company’s requirements:

  • Open database module - customizable
  • Automation through various server processes, for example for freight calculation, interfaces, invoice creation & checking, dispatch, etc.
  • Flexibly configurable interfaces (inbound & outbound)
  • Customizable masks and list views
  • Multilingual: German/English/French/Swedish, additional languages in progress
  • Microsoft Excel© import of freight tables
  • Microsoft Excel© export of all data and statistics; flexible data compilation, configuration of Microsoft Excel© format
  • Modular client-server setup
  • Object-oriented programming with C++
  • Connection to rational database systems Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2
  • Clients for all current Windows operating systems
  • Compatible with CITRIX©, Terminal Server©

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