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Routing & Scheduling for Retail Delivery

Fast goods flow and high price and quality pressure influence retail logistics. Numerous restrictions complicate tour optimization. For retail logistics, and specifically for food retailing, TRAMPAS offers the following specialized features:

  • Guarantee of routine store deliveries derived from order and delivery schedules with projection quantities
  • Scheduling based on transport equipment, such as euro pallets, Dusseldorf pallets, roll containers, thermal containers, etc.
  • Master tour planning
  • Calculation of needed space according to order quantities
  • Timely scheduling by updating actual quantities during picking based on projection quantities from previous deliveries
  • Controlled temperature transports: Refrigerated containers/vehicles with variable partitions and different temperature zones
  • Scanner-supported loading and unloading
  • Integration of telematics
  • Order scheduling using alternative distribution centers (cross docking)

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