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Assignment Scheduling for Field Representatives and Service Staff

TRAMPAS can do more than routing & scheduling for goods distribution. The software is specially designed to optimize tours and assignments for sales and service staff.

The following options are available for sales/field service:

  • Independent route planning by field representatives (e.g.: detailed scheduling and/or determining presence at client locations)
  • Assignment of predefined tours to field representatives
  • Observance of preset appointment schedules
  • Representation of field districts
  • Optimization of district division

Assignment Scheduling for Assemblers/Service Technicians

An interface in the routing & scheduling system TRAMPAS reads in service and repair orders from other systems and automatically suggests optimized tours. Specific parameters and restrictions, such as urgency, special expertise, availability of replacement parts or the number of assemblers needed, are taken into consideration during optimization. Another interface in TRAMPAS transfers the calculated tours to the assemblers’ mobile end devices.

User advantages:

  • Convenient, software-supported handling of highly complex scheduling tasks
  • Organization of tours for orders with special requirements, such as two assemblers with different qualifications
  • Automatic updates of all dependent tours if a tour is changed
  • Differentiation at beginning of weekly tour according to the assembler’s place of residence or the location of the head office (e.g.: if bringing materials)
  • Integration of telematics

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