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Ramp Control with GateScheduler:
Perfect coordination – without communication effort

Loading ramps and gates at logistics centers see extreme fluctuations in capacity usage. Moments of chaos, where too many vehicles vie to get ahead, contrast with relatively calm periods. Experienced logisticians recognize optimization potential and the opportunity to lower costs and risk of error through better synchronization on the ramps. For this target group, we’ve developed the web application GateScheduler – our software for slot and time management at loading ramps.


GateScheduler is an add-on to our transport management system LP/2. Via the web application, individual gates of your logistics centers can be booked directly online – transporters reserve time slots at the gates.

Simple process – big impact:

  • Transports are posted to the website from LP/2
  • After logging in with his/her username and password, each service provider sees (only) his/her transports
  • The service provider books his/her transports into available slots and gates. If more time is needed, multiple consecutive slots can be booked.

The effect: Arriving and departing vehicles synchronize themselves automatically. Waiting times are minimized and the load on your warehousing personnel is better distributed.

How your company benefits from smart ramp control:

  • Management of unlimited locations, each with unlimited gates. Individual gates can be removed from external booking via GateScheduler (reserved for internal traffic, etc.).
  • Size of slots is adjustable per gate and time
  • Simple booking for regularly recurring transports
  • Customizable layout – web application GateScheduler can be customized to match your corporate design
  • Automatic view updates provide a consistently up-to-date overview of ramp capacity usage
  • Enables evaluations by logging actual arrival and departure times, which can also be used as a foundation for discussions with poorly coordinating service providers
  • Transports can be rescheduled, so unforeseen events (understaffed periods, damaged gates, etc.) can be offset quickly
  • Transports not in LP/2 can be booked manually

Modern web technology

GateScheduler is an add-on to the freight management system LP/2 and is based on modern web and database technology. GateScheduler can be configured to fit your company’s specific requirements and processes.

  • Add-on to LP/2
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Browser-based access/independent of client operating system

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