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e-freight Freight Database:
Find the cheapest tariff, every time

In many companies, thousands of freight decisions are made on a daily basis. Additional queries come from various departments and locations, requesting freight information needed for project time calculations and sales prices. With the growing diversity in freight, carriers, destinations and service providers, transparency is inevitably diminishing. Logistics specialists are overwhelmed with requests and the lacking transparency leads in part to selection of overpriced tariffs. This can cost companies tens of thousands of dollars, every day.

The solution: e-freight, Staedtler-Logistics’ online freight database.


e-freight is a web-based freight database that contains all tariff contracts for diverse service providers for a company. Freight information can be retrieved company-wide, or even across various companies and internationally (various locations, corporate groups, partners, etc.) via web browser. e-freight quickly and reliably determines valid service providers and tariffs for each request, then sorts the results according to price, run times or other criteria. A click on a result reveals tariff and charge details.

e-freight’s range of services:

  • Service provider selection
    Users enter their requirements and e-freight runs transport evaluations in real-time. The user receives a sortable selection of valid tariffs and service providers.
  • Information system
    e-freight provides freight purchasers and other departments (sales, etc.) with a quick overview of their freight cost options. This information forms the ideal foundation for offers and sales negotiations, without logistics specialists being overwhelmed with inquiries.

e-freight – Unbeatable in return on investment

In many companies, thousands of freight decisions are made on a daily basis. Of course, rigorous negotiations with service providers take place in advance, in order to obtain the lowest possible tariffs. But in actual freight procurement, a lack of transparency often leads to selection of incorrect (more expensive) tariffs. Even small differences in price can quickly add up to large, avoidable sums.

The tariff database e-freight:

  • lowers your logistics costs:
    In freight purchasing and all other departments company-wide, the best valid tariff is selected every time. This lowers your logistics costs.
  • relieves your staff of excessive communication:
    Detailed freight information can be called up anywhere and anytime by all authorized staff via web browser. Even general shipment data can be entered and staff with no logistics background can use the tool effortlessly. Time-consuming, frustrating inquiries per mail or phone are a thing of the past.
  • minimizes integration costs:
    Modern web technology simplifies the integration of e-freight into your company’s IT, users access the tool via web browser.
    Our LP/2 (freight management) or SCALA (simulation solution) clients can use the tariff databases built up in the software tools in e-freight instantly.
  • guarantees extremely fast return on investment
    For companies that make hundreds of freight decisions daily, e-freight pays for itself within a matter of weeks.

The freight database e-freight offers the following advantages:

  • Easy to operate:
    • Query freight costs by entering shipment data in a web browser – logistic know-how is not necessary
    • Automatic pre-selection of service providers based on destination area, dispatch mode and other criteria
    • Extensive information pool can be stored, including contact data or country restrictions. This ensures continuous know-how within the company, even with holiday replacements and new staff
  • Configurable:
    • Range and level of detail of results can be freely configured
    • User interfaces can be configured to match the company design
  • High-performance:
    • Comparison of logistics costs for different carriers and service types (e.g.: express, 10:00 delivery, etc.)
    • Freight calculation can be executed in any currency: conversion from charge currency to current rate of the company currency
    • Integration of various distance modules and options for interactive location search
    • Delivers detailed results – important for invoice checking
Modern web technology

The freight database e-freight is built on modern web and database technology. Visual appearance, operation and information output can all be flexibly configured.

  • Use of SCALA or LP/2 as engine for the calculation – LP/2 and SCALA users can use existing freight databases in e-freight immediately
  • Secure, multi-tier architecture with access to existing databases
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Browser-based access/independent of client operating system

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