Warehousing Logistics

Warehouse Planning and Storage Management – Cornerstones of Logistic Efficiency

Layout planning for a new warehouse, introduction of new technology and process changes in warehousing logistics are no everyday tasks. Staedtler-Logistics offers comprehensive consulting services that enable you can raise the potential in your warehousing logistics – practicably and with minimal operational limitations.
Software & Systems

We optimize your warehouse and warehousing processes:

  • From simple, organizational changes to comprehensive, process reengineering concepts
  • From planning a new warehouse to modernizing existing locations
  • Using modern methods and proven software tools

Together, we identify and define your requirements for mid and long-term logistic strategies. Our experienced professionals take a close look: you will find our logistic experts on the ramps, in the warehouse and picking, in order to get a close look at the processes and stic an raise the potential in your warehousing logthe warehouse and picking, in order to scrutinize – and optimize – the processes in place. We discuss our ideas and implementation strategies with the management and warehousing teams to ensure quick acceptance and sustainability of the suggested solutions.

We make your warehousing logistics quicker, more reliable and more cost efficient.

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We support you in making important decisions

We open up optimization potential for your company through detailed analysis of the current state of your logistics, as well as by discovering which objectives for warehousing logistics arise from your corporate strategy. We offer consulting services for:

Warehousing Strategy

Supply chain management decisions often affect warehousing logistics, but these decisions are often not made to explicitly reflect the requirements of warehousing logistics. The analysis of your current warehouse usage determines: what is stored where, in what quantity and why? Where are bottlenecks? Where is significant capital tied up?

We help you to make your warehousing logistics planning transparent and strategic – mid-term and long-term.

Questions regarding location and investment decisions and the ‘make or buy’ concept: we help you to make informed decisions by creating software-supported simulations of warehousing logistics scenarios using your historical and prognosticated quantity structures and comparing them to benchmark figures.

Warehouse Planning

We plan your warehouse with regard to dimensions, storage and picking techniques, use of transportation means and assortment assignment. Whether you are setting up a new warehouse or restructuring an existing one, we analyze weak points and potential. For new and renovated warehouses, we develop suggestions for warehousing concepts, dimensioning and layout, and compare technical and economical feasibility.

Warehouse Organization and Processes

Procedures become so established that no one thinks to question them. We survey and analyze internal organizational structures and processes in logistic workflows, create strength/weakness profiles, reorganize processes and boost rationalization potential in warehousing, picking and in-house transport. The resulting solutions can range from simple organizational changes to comprehensive, process-reengineering concepts using DP tools.

Inventory Management

Inventory provides security, but it also ties up capital. In-depth analysis of warehouse inventory with consideration of risk management requirements is mandatory for new, article-related concept development of order, storage and inventory policies. To this end, we create a target-oriented overview per article or article group using ABC/XYZ analysis in reference to inventory and sales movement.

Goals of our inventory management consulting:

  • Optimal capacity usage with low capital lockup
  • High picking performance and route optimization
  • Efficient dispatch handling

Question the apparently obvious

Decades of experience in logistics consulting and use of modern technology – this unique combination renders our logistics consulting successful and efficient.

Analysis phase

  • Analysis of existing warehouse organization and dispatch handling
  • Survey of goods and information flows from and to downstream departments and external locations
  • ABC/XYZ analysis of stored articles
  • Determination and evaluation of warehouse key figures
  • Identification of structural and process-related restrictions
  • Evaluation of current situation and recognition of weak points
  • Creation of rough concept

Conception phase

    • Conception of efficient dispatch handling and warehouse organization that meets requirements
    • Creation of detailed concept for handling of storage, stock removal and picking
    • Definition of DP support for the warehouse
    • Simulations and cost-benefit analysis

How you profit

    • Optimized goods flow in the warehouse
    • Increased picking efficiency
    • More transparency in warehousing
    • More efficient warehouse organization

High performance tools

We use our state of the art, modern tools for material flow calculations, simulations and inventory optimization for the analysis and optimization of your warehousing logistics.

As consulting and service clients, you profit from high-end systems that are constantly being improved and developed according to practical feedback from ambitious users. You do not need to invest in the software. We provide extended analyses on demand, including key figures, tender evaluations, simulations, shipment structure analyses and other reports in any data format and clear, comprehensible graphic diagrams.

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