Transport Cost Benchmarking

Navigation through the tariff jungle:
Are you paying market-driven transport and logistics costs?

No one wants to pay more than necessary, and only comparing costs can guarantee that you aren’t. But freight rates are wrought with scales, surcharges and exceptions. Every service provider has unique tariffs and presents them in a way that highlights strengths and masks weaknesses. Comparing these tariffs is complex and time consuming. Because most companies are not equipped with dependable data for usual market conditions, it is extremely difficult to navigate through the market without external help and professional tools.

Compare your costs to those of other companies in your industry. Gain an overview and security with transport cost benchmarking by Staedtler-Logistics – not abstract, but based on your actual freight volume.
Software & Systems

As logistics specialists, Staedtler-Logistics excels at comparing confusing, complicated tariffs. Our experts analyze logistics scenarios and simulate freight costs based on real freight volumes in your company. We then compare these costs with data from your industry and companies similar in size. How? We use our freight database containing several million freight records and tariffs from all carriers. So you can be certain: we compare apples to apples and provide you with realistic benchmarks.

The experts at Staedtler-Logistics determine:

  • Where do your transport costs lie in comparison to the usual market prices?
  • Are the tariffs suitable for the singularities and requirements of your business?

The answers to these questions provide the foundation for negotiations with logistics service providers – finally, objective insight into their playing field and competitive power.

In short: our freight cost benchmarking helps you to reduce costs.

Our logistic expertise in your services

Our transport cost benchmarking is consulting with immediate advantages. You see where your freight costs currently stand – and what they could be. You can only work towards a goal if you know where it lies.

Our specialists analyze the business processes surrounding transport in order to identify cost saving potential. We analyze tariff structures and inconsistencies, evaluate and improve your transport carrier concept. We provide concrete suggestions for negotiation strategies or new tendering processes and support your company in implementing the suggested measures, as well as in identifying the best logistic partners for your needs.

Using Optimization Potential

Transport cost benchmarking shows concrete cost saving potential for your company – based on your own, real data (routes, weights, volume, transport, etc.).

This helps you specifically

  • in preparation of contract negotiations
  • in positioning your logistics in comparison with similar market participants
  • in transferring concepts from other industries
  • in restructuring/optimizing your logistics

Compile, compare, conclude, negotiate

Compile, compare, conclude and negotiate: transport cost benchmarking in short form.

The precise procedure:

  • Workshop with freight department to analyze shipment and goods flows
  • Transfer of current transport data into DP tools
  • Selection of areas of concentration in acquisition and/or distribution
  • Transfer of quantity structures for comparison in our freight charge database
  • Quantity structure analysis and structuring according to (ex.) direct parties, dispersion and parcel service
  • Selection of a condition basis in our freight database, based on transport structures and freight parameters (quality and service requirements)
  • Evaluation of selected relations with charges from our freight database
  • Implementation-oriented suggestions for operative and strategic realization of analyzed potential
Our professional analysis and simulation tool

Our software tools, as well as our years of experience in logistics, are what set us apart from our competition. As developers of the leading systems in transport logistics, we can rely on our modern, state-of-the-art software. We use our program SCALA for benchmarking, freight cost simulation and freight cost analysis.

We import your current freight data into SCALA, extrapolate them and use our up-to-date freight database containing several million freight records as a basis for comparison. In addition to prices, service level and other special conditions can be compared as well.

We use SCALA to simulate alternatives for you and present the results in graphs, maps and other formats. You receive a well-founded basis for discussion for strategic and operative decisions.

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