Tender Management

The best way to an optimal mix of service providers:
a modern, professional tendering process

The selection of service providers for contract logistics is an important strategic decision for your company. The decisions made during the tendering process for logistic services in transport and warehousing affect costs, power to compete and customer satisfaction.

With our tender management services, we work with you to prepare for these decisions. We help you to bring your company into negotiations with seasoned logistics service providers from a position of power.

We organize the entire tendering process, define and prioritize your requirements for all modes of transport, call for bids, compare these with reference to your historical freight data and future requirements and assist you in negotiations. In short: together, we identify the strengths and weaknesses of each bid, select the best bids and partners (“cherry picking”) and use these in discussions to optimize the number and mix of logistic service providers.

Software & Systems

What makes tenders so complicated?

  • Freight tariffs are difficult to compare. Each forwarding agent calculates tariffs according to different criteria and uses a scaling method that accentuates their strengths and distracts from their weaknesses. Comparing these tables can be extremely complicated.
  • Tenders often have gaps. Requirements are described vaguely or are not prioritized correctly. Companies don’t have the time, resources and experience to conduct negotiations that will lead to an optimal result.
  • Warehousing services must be viewed in the context of the complete supply chain. The location of an outsourced picking warehouse, for example, has a direct influence on goods flows and transport costs.

Why should you choose us to lead your tendering process to success? Because our experts have both decades of experience and modern, high-performance software tools. We make bids easy to compare, identify strengths and weaknesses and use software-supported simulations to calculate the effects of your decisions.  

Weight off your shoulders and added expertise

We take over tendering management, relieve you of the organizational tasks and assist you in making better decisions.

Our services in the area of tender management:

  • Analysis of the current situation (destinations, shipment structures, carriers, etc.)
  • Documentation of requirements, processes, quantity structures
  • Creation of clear, professional tendering documents
  • Highly efficient, software-supported organization of multilevel tendering processes
  • Anonymous tenders for project protection
  • Detailed simulations (based on historical or prognostic quantity structures), evaluations and bid analysis
  • Benchmarking with professional tools and a comprehensive, current database
  • Shortlist creation for bidders
  • Supervision or takeover of negotiations

Talk to us about the logistic tasks that you want to receive services for, and we will help you to find the right providers!

The art of asking the right questions

Experienced consultants and modern tools – this combination guarantees professional tendering management with optimal results.

Tender Management Cost-Benefit Analysis

High performance tools

We stand out among our competition not only because of our years of experience, but also because of our outstanding software tools. As developers of the leading solutions in transport logistics, we rely on our modern, in-house systems. For tender management, we use our extensive freight database. We employ TenderingPortal for operative realization of the tender and the control and simulation system SCALA for comparison and detailed evaluation of bid scenarios (detailed bid comparison, cherry picking functions, simulations based on historical or prognostic freight volumes, etc.).

As service clients, you profit from high-end systems that are constantly being improved and developed according to practical feedback from ambitious users. You do not need to invest in the software. We provide extended analyses on demand, including key figures, tender evaluations, simulations, shipment structure analyses and other reports in any data format and clear, comprehensible graphic diagrams.

The best systems are working for you at Staedtler-Logistics, operated by practiced experts.

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