Logistics Strategies and Structures

More efficient goods flows
Professional consulting for logistics strategies

Goods flow design has a significant influence on the cost of goods supply as well as your competitive ability. For example: high transport costs often outweigh any economical advantages of outsourcing to low-wage countries. With strategic logistic decisions, you set the course for cost development and flexibility, processing times and inventory.

Which logistic strategy best fits your business model, products and distribution channel? Which structures are employed in your acquisition and sales markets? What can be outsourced? What should be run privately, and which processes can be insourced and thus returned to operating within the company?
Software & Systems
Thanks to decades of experience in logistics consulting and services, Staedtler-Logistics is familiar the strategies of companies in all sizes and industries. We know about successes and risks, and can show you which cost drivers are presented by which strategies, and their underlying effects.

With modern methods and high performance tools, we support you in optimizing your logistic organization and in arranging more efficient processes. Make your logistics a powerful service center with transparent costs.

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Strategic decisions and processes to increase efficiency

We begin our analysis of your goods and information flows by collecting information regarding logistics processes and data from your acquisition, production and distribution logistics. This analysis results in the discovery of breaches and bottlenecks, information gaps and delays.

We identify optimization potential and show you how to use it. We analyze goods flows and use software-supported simulations to calculate various alternative scenarios. You receive an informed foundation for making decisions regarding the development of your logistics strategy.

Typical strategic logistics decisions are:

  • Location optimization and usage
  • Make or Buy (outsourcing vs. insourcing) of transport and warehousing tasks
  • Contractor and service provider networks
  • Supply chain management

Staedtler-Logistics provides support in the conception of efficient, competitive logistics organization and in the development of consistent logistics, information, quality and cost management.

Establish structures, derive recommendations

Staedtler-Logistics has decades of experience in logistics consulting and providing professional services. Our consulting services follow clear steps and our customers know where they stand in every phase.

Unser Vorgehen beim Aufbau einer Logistikorganisation:

Analysis Phase

  • Analysis of structure and process organization according to logistics functions and tasks
  • Analysis of report reporting paths and information channels
  • Analysis of logistic processing times in company logistics
  • Analysis of existing DP infrastructure regarding logistic factors
  • Definition of the company’s logistic requirements
  • Creation of a concept for further course of action

Conception Phase

  • Creation of a concept for the integration of logistic organization in the company
  • Reorganization of logistic processes in the company
  • Development of logistics-oriented job profiles
  • Definition of tasks and a schedule for realization
  • Cost-benefit analysis

You profit from:

  • Better performance and more transparence in your logistics
  • Establishment of time-efficient and cost-effective, smooth work processes in logistics
  • Efficient logistics as competitive advantage in sales and customer service

Creation of a concept for the integration of logistic organization in the company

High performance tools

We stand out among our competition not only because of our years of experience, but also because of our outstanding software tools. As developers of the leading solutions in transport logistics, we rely on our modern, in-house systems. For strategic consulting, we use our simulation system SCALA and/or the routing & scheduling tool TRAMPAS for detailed evaluation of client deliveries and run time effects.

As service clients, you profit from high-end systems that are constantly being improved and developed according to practical feedback from ambitious users. You do not need to invest in the software. We provide extended analyses on demand, including key figures, tender evaluations, simulations, shipment structure analyses and other reports in any data format and clear, comprehensible graphic diagrams.


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