Distribution Strategies and Networks

Distribution Strategies and Networks:
Professional Consulting for Distribution Logistics

Modern companies recognize high-performance logistics as a chance to stand out among the competition. They want to use short delivery times and prompt deliveries to score highly with customers.

Is it possible to achieve these goals and simultaneously reduce costs? Our logistic experts analyze the networks, processes and economic potential of your distribution logistics, define future requirements and show you real ways to use your optimization potential – and assist you in the implementation.

With our help, you develop processes, structures and strategies that transform your distribution into a sustainable competitive edge.
Software & Systeme
Making the right decisions for your distribution strategy

Centralized warehousing or regional hubs? Operate your own warehouse or find a service provider? Optimize internal labor and/or tendering? We provide a solid, transparent foundation for complex decisions regarding distribution strategies and networks.

Markets change. Adjusting and optimizing network structures and locations are important for optimized cost and delivery time distribution. We analyze your requirements for distributions strategies; time, cost quality and service aspects are weighed individually. We use modern IT systems and your actual data (and/or prognoses of changes) to simulate various scenarios and thus to provide you with a solid foundation of data and transparency for your decisions.

Use the potential of IT-supported simulation

When it comes to distribution strategies, location planning and distribution networks, opposing goals must be weighed carefully: costs vs. delivery times, prompt delivery vs. minimizing inventory and capital lockup, flexibility of outsourcing vs. cost-optimizing internal processes.

Considering various options from a single perspective can be misleading – in distribution strategies and location selection, this can decrease structural competitive ability.

Be certain of the effects of your distribution strategy:
The experts at Staedtler-Logistics accompany you through strategic decision-making processes and support you in defining goals and measurement categories.

  • We use simulations supported by modern IT as the foundation for informed, multi-dimensional comparisons of scenarios and strategic alternatives – efficiently and with short project run times.
  • The data used for the project is your detailed, real data (warehousing levels, number of warehouses, locations, transport revenue, weights/volumes, carriers, routes, sales structures, etc.) and/or prognoses for future development.
  • Via benchmarking, we compare your cost and service data in distribution, warehousing and transport with your competition.
  • Our experts identify optimization potential and provide recommendations for action.

Identify structures, derive recommendations

Decades of experience in logistics consulting and implementation of modern methods and tools – this unique combination makes our logistics consulting successful and efficient.

Our procedure for questions regarding distribution logistics:

Analysis Phase

  • Transfer of real shipment data for a representative time frame
  • Execution of IT- supported goods flow analysis
  • Calculation of actual distribution costs
  • Analysis of carrier costs according to
    • Type of carrier (forwarding agencies, parcel service, rail, air, sea, inland waterway craft, etc.)
    • Geographical distribution
    • Weight dependencies
    • Cost drivers
  • Survey of restrictions in distribution

Conception Phase

  • DP-supported simulation of various scenarios in reference to cost effects of
    • Number of warehouses
    • Production and storage facility (warehouse) location
    • Employed carriers and service providers
    • Direct delivery vs. cross-docking
  • Evaluation of alternatives with consideration of cost and quality
    • Evaluation based on historical/prognosticated real data and costs
    • Evaluation based on benchmark data
    • Requirements for structures and procedures in logistics organization
    • Requirements for inventory management and transport conception
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Recommendation of a scenario as a foundation for decision making
  • Optional: Supervision in implementation
    • Creation of a detailed concept for procedure/project planning
    • Creation of specification sheets and tendering documents
    • Support in tendering processes and negotiations
    • Support in implementation and performance review


  • Informed foundation for decision making through cost simulation of various distribution alternatives
  • Low-cost distribution through optimized transport and inventory concepts
  • Performance-oriented client delivery
  • DP-supported simulation of various scenarios in reference to cost effects of
High performance tools

We stand out among our competition not only because of our years of experience, but also because of our outstanding software tools. As developers of the leading solutions in transport logistics, we rely on our modern, in-house systems. For distribution logistics, we use our extensive freight database, our TenderingPortal for operative realization of the tender and the control and simulation system SCALA for comparison and detailed evaluation of bid scenarios (detailed bid comparison, cherry picking functions, simulations based on historical or prognostic freight volumes, etc.). For distribution logistics, we use the simulation system SCALA for strategic consulting and/or the routing & scheduling tool TRAMPAS for detailed evaluation of client deliveries and run time effects

As service clients, you profit from high-end systems that are constantly being improved and developed according to practical feedback from ambitious users. You do not need to invest in the software. We provide extended analyses on demand, including key figures, tender evaluations, simulations, shipment structure analyses and other reports in any data format and clear, comprehensible graphic diagrams.

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