Freight Auditing

The smart way to lower costs:
Expert freight checking/freight auditing

Freight invoices are complex, and checking them is time consuming. Many checking departments are lacking in logistic expertise. Many companies only spot check their invoices – and miss out on a lot of money because of it.

Now you can take a shortcut to effective controlling and profit immediately from lower freight costs: commission Staedtler-Logistics’ experts to take over your freight checking and auditing.
Credit Note Procedure
Software & Systems

Advantages for your company:

  • Lower freight costs
    Our freight checking/freight auditing clients save on average 10% of their direct and indirect freight costs per year, because errors on invoices are found and logistics costs are optimized.
  • Efficient checking processes require less effort
    By outsourcing your freight checking/auditing, you take advantage of our experts’ experience, our modern tools and proven processes. We currently check freight for clients in all types of transport, from parcel service to sea freight with a volume of over one billion euros per year. Profit from this efficiency!
  • Transparence for better decisions
    Our logistics experts don’t just check invoices. For freight control, we support your logistics with informative reports. In benchmarking with similar companies, you see where your potential for lower costs lies.

The smart way: freight checking/freight auditing by Staedtler-Logistics.

We offer effective relief

We take over your freight checking/auditing – you concentrate on your logistic challenges.

What our experts do for you:

  • Checking freight invoices from all carriers (CEP, surface, air, sea) for factual and calculative correctness
  • Clearing up differences or discrepancies with service providers/forwarders
  • Changing incorrect invoices
  • Allocating individual items and assignment to the appropriate freight payer
  • Releasing and possibly booking freight in purchaser systems
  • Creating booking documents
  • Freight control: informative statistics, evaluations and key figures
  • Transparence of freight cost and shipment structures

How services in freight checking/auditing are arranged is customized per client. If you regularly employ multiple forwarders, have transport orders that amount to more than one million euro per year and employ more than one type of transport (LCL, LTL/FTL, air, sea, etc.), outsourcing freight checking pays for itself in a very short time.

Call us and talk to our experts about how they can help you to reduce your workload

Reports, analyses and benchmarks are integral for optimizing logistics

Freight checking and freight auditing occur based on the rates your company has arranged with its logistics partners. But what if these arrangements don’t work to your advantage or are not in line with the market?

We develop systems for freight control that give added value and better control.

Freight checking/auditing by Staedtler-Logistics is the foundation for effective freight control:

  • Transparence in costs and services in logistics
  • Service provider assessment und benchmarks
  • Logistic key figure systems
  • Early warning indicators for controlling logistic processes
  • Information regarding industry-specific cost drivers
  • Foundation for strategic decisions for warehousing and transport
  • Logistic service tendering
  • Parameters for controlling and monitoring service providers

Together, we develop the goals and range of freight control that is worthy of the name. Our experts explain the development of key figures and draft measures to minimize costs and risks. We use comparison data from our own, comprehensive tariff database with national and international freight rates for benchmarks.

There is another way: Credit note procedures

You can expect the following procedure:

Preliminary talk and quotation phase:

  • We discuss the general requirements in the preliminary talk. We inquire extensively regarding current quantity and cost volumes, employed forwarders, distribution over transport modes and IT in use.
  • Non-binding inspection of selected freight invoices and rates
  • Creation of quotation: we now know how and where we can best support you in the checking processes. This is the foundation for our offer with a clear, transparent cost structure.

Start of Cooperation

  • Kick-off: appointment of contact persons, basic processes, possible setup of IT interfaces
  • Step-by-step transfer of freight checking/freight auditing to our company, for example, broken down according to locations and forwarders

Ongoing checking

  • Continuous checking and claim management
  • Regular reporting of checked invoices, regular status meetings

Credit note procedures are, in many cases, a more efficient alternative to traditional forwarder invoicing (and the associated invoice checking).

You can entrust the entire process to us. We import your shipment data (electronic or in paper form), tariffs and credit note data into our LP/2 and deliver the data you need to create your credit notes (electronically, directly into your ERP/accounting) and take over claim management. The advantage for you: invoice/credit note checking is now up to the logistics service provider!

Our service palette:

  • Creation and archiving of freight records
  • Calculation and invoicing of freight costs
  • Credit note creation
  • Creation of invoices for purchaser (if necessary)
  • Creation of detailed statistics regarding transport events
  • Communication with service providers
  • Printing and sending of credit notes and invoices, if necessary, with your corporate design

You won’t find more experience anywhere:
We check freight worth over one billion euros per year

Staedtler-Logistics teams currently check freight for various clients amounting to over one billion euros per year – with all carrier types, from CEP to sea freight.

It works in your favor: in order to manage this volume efficiently, reliably and exactly according to client requirements, a great deal of experience, tariff expertise, practiced processes and high performance software tools. You don’t have to learn what we already know!

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High performance tools

Outsourcing your freight checking/freight auditing to our company ensures not only the benefits of our years of experience in logistics, you also profit from our market-leading software systems for transport logistics. For freight checking/freight auditing, we use our freight management software LP/2, supplemented by the analysis tool SP2.

Shipment and invoice data can be entered manually or electronically via data interfaces – we even offer fully automated, electronic invoice checking with invoice matching. Factual checks, invoice checking/credit note creation, claims, data transfer – we perform all core functions in freight checking/freight auditing efficiently and with software support.

Our software competence presents you with true added value: once your freight data is entered in the system, we can provide you with extended analyses like benchmarking, evaluations/simulations for tendering procedures, key figures, shipment structure analysis and other reports. The ideal foundation for strategic cost optimization in your logistics.

Do you need to use Staedtler-Logistics’ software actively in your company? No. We deliver the checked invoice data as desired – in various formats and for direct transfer to your ERP or accounting department.

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