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Development of high-performance software, execution of complex logistics projects - this can only succeed through close, trusting relationships between us and our clients. For us, satisfied customers are the greatest proof of our competence.

Read what our clients have to say about us:

„We chose the TRAMPAS routing and scheduling system because Staedtler-Logistics is a company with many years of experience in trade industry, and the system is designed to accommodate trade-specific requirements. With TRAMPAS, we can create and store various seasonal master plans. Special delivery zones and night deliveries, as well as simultaneous deliveries to swap sites, are seamlessly integrated in planning.“
Joerg Kupfer, EDEKA Südwest, Offenburg
„TRAMPAS' advantage over traditional routing and scheduling systems is that it goes above and beyond standard operational functions to include modules that cover industry-specific requirements, like bottle-necks in production capacity and belated order changes. We know Staedtler-Logistics to be a dependable, competent partner and are excited to continue our partnership in the future.“
Tobias Rummel, Schüller Möbelwerk KG, Herrieden
„We chose Staedtler-Logistics’ LP/2 through a Europe-wide tendering process and use the software for our self-billing procedures. We were able to reduce manual labor to a minimum, as the highly efficient system makes importing and integrating all tariff variants, including Siemens’ own tariffs, remarkably simple. Because of our extremely positive experience with Staedtler-Logistics, we are looking forward to implementing e-freight, a web-based database solution for intranet and internet, in the near future.“
Eugen Lengerer, IT Information Services Projects Manager, SIEMENS AG
„Our company operates over several depots instead of a central warehouse. The fact that TRAMPAS, in contrast to other routing and scheduling systems, supports inter-depot planning was a significant deciding factor for us. It makes Staedtler-Logistics’ TRAMPAS the ideal routing and scheduling solution for our company.“
Michael Huber, Logistics Manager Kemmler Baustoffe GmbH, Tübingen
„Staedtler-Logistics provides professional project management and implementation-oriented solutions.“
Volker Weisenhorn, Head of Logistics Hansgrohe AG
„The Goldschmidt-Thermit group has had many consultants. Staedtler-Logistics is one of the few that make feasible suggestions, incorporating the staff in the process.“
Jürgen Kremling, Supply Chain Manager Goldschmidt Thermit GmbH, Leipzig

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